It’s been almost a year since I’ve done a 5km buggy run.


In more ways than one, this week has been up and down. My cycle commute is clearly ‘up-and-down,’ work feels unrelenting because it’s the start of the academic year, and my running is still in decline. I was happy, though, to accomplish my first 5-kilometer buggy run in over a year.

I’m still not back at work full-time, but I expect to be there at least two days a week very soon. It will be refreshing to have a change of environment and the opportunity to speak with more people in person. Right now, it feels like I’m spending my entire day in online meetings. I enjoy my career, but I miss the chance encounters that occur on a bustling campus.

This week, I was honoured to be named one of Vuelio’s Top 10 UK Running Blogs. This was such a lovely surprise after I had lost my blogging mojo for a few months.

The cycle ride to and from school
I ride my bike to school with M most days. Although there are a handful of short steep uphills where I need M’s pedal force, it’s mostly an easy ride because the vast bulk of the 2.5 miles is downhill. Although one stretch of the trip is on a busy narrow road, the remainder of it is on a shared cycling path/pavement. This gives me more confidence in cycling with a four-year-old.

However, once I’ve dropped M off, I need to get back on the road as soon as possible. My Giant City Escape W is one of my favourite bikes, although it’s about ten years old and not the lightest. The FollowMe tandem and M’s 20-inch bike have also been added, making the back end of my bike a little cumbersome. Embarrassingly, my Garmin often informs me that by the time I get home, I’ll require 19 hours of rest!

I ran my first 5-kilometer buggy run in nearly a year today. I did the majority of The Old Showfield parkrun with M in her running buggy, but Stu picked her up after 2.5 loops because he’d already completed.

We arrived much ahead of schedule. I consented to push M in the buggy because she didn’t want to run. We agreed, however, that she may walk to the start and then return to the car. On the way, we came upon an interesting fungus on a tree that resembled a face.

On a tree, a big orange fungal growth.

A large orange fungal growth on a tree.

Today’s weather forecast was dreadful. M insisted that I put her rain cover on after we’d visited with some friends. Jill and Caro joined me on the first climb. Caro was wonderful for taking the buggy while I removed my running jacket because it was considerably hotter than I’d anticipated!

Because I’m so out of shape these days, I took a couple of walking breaks each time I went up the hill. It was great to be back in Southampton and see so many familiar faces.

What was my score?

I was pleasantly thrilled to discover that I was 3 seconds faster than in The Old Showfield parkrun today! It takes a lot of effort to push 30 kilogrammes!

Tamsyn’s outcome email from parkrun #409 in Southampton. In 35:26, I completed the race.
Tamsyn after her run, up close.
At Southampton parkrun, I’m six runs away from completing my ‘double tonne.’ I’m also eight parkruns away from completing my 350th. I had the third-highest number of runs among females (although 10th overall).

Have you done a parkrun today? Were you at home or on the road? In the near future, I’m planning to do some more parkrun tourism, so stay tuned!


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